AAC - ABI New York City Summer Internship

In partnership with ArtBound Initiative (ABI), AAC students have the opportunity to complete a summer internship in one of the world’s art and design hubs - New York City! Students can complete an 8 or 12-week internship option and will earn credit to apply to their degree. Each student receives individual attention to identify a custom internship placement based on their background, skills, and goals. AAC students are eligible for scholarships!

For more information and to see experiences from students on the program, check out this page.

Artbound Initiative info


This AICAD program allows an Art Academy student to transfer to another AICAD college for a semester. Students continue in their major coursework and are able to take advantage of a different college setting, new professors, and environment. Participating students pay the Art Academy full-time tuition rate. Please see AICAD.org for more information and a list of participating colleges.

The following items must be submitted or completed in order to participate:
Application form (See Academic Dean) 
GPA- 3.0 or greater cumulative average
Interview with Director of Student Services
Interview with Financial Aid
Interview with Registrar
Interview with Advisor

Study Abroad Program

Art Academy Students interested in Study Abroad opportunities should consult with their advisors to discern which programs may be an option for them. The Art Academy does not have its own study abroad program but students have participated in outside programs and have enjoyed enriching experiences. Please note that students pay the study abroad program's tuition rate directly to the host institution.  AAC scholarships can not be allocated to any outside program.

The AAC Financial Aid Office is available to provide guidance to parents and students regarding financial questions.  Students are responsible for meeting all the program deadlines.

The following items must be completed in order to participate:

GPA - 3.0 or greater cumulative average
Interview with Financial Aid
Interview with Registrar
Interview with Advisor

Vermont College of Fine Arts - Dual Degree Program

The BFA/MAT dual degree option offers undergraduate art majors from the Art Academy of Cincinnati a flexible and accelerated route to a teaching career in Pk-12 Art & Design. This unique summer-residency program focuses solely on Art & Design Education and offers an innovative curriculum that will prepare students to be confident and successful teachers, and be highly sought after for hiring. We have gathered an incredible faculty from around the country, and built a program that allows students to build their professional community where they want to live and work.