Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing Major

Our Painting and Drawing Majors engage in research, problem solving, and personal expression to develop an individual voice through a range of media. Artists are immersed in an environment that encourages an innovative definition of Painting and Drawing that promotes technical proficiency, focus, and exploration. Students explore a range of diverse possibilities through realistic, abstract and/or non-objective subject matter that characterize the dynamic, eclectic practice of contemporary painting and drawing. The major offers flexibility, expansiveness and the opportunity to connect to multiple genre and disciplines.

Students will deepen their cultural and intellectual understanding of the contemporary art world and be prepared to navigate the complexities of being an artist today. Students are mentored by professional artists who maintain an active studio practice, significant depth of engagement and a passion for the visual arts. Studio work is supported by a vast array of professional practice initiatives that provides students with increased confidence in their preparedness for career opportunities as they join the current art world as a doer, maker, thinker and creative problem solver.

Students graduating in our BFA program with a major in Painting and Drawing are a dynamic addition to the contemporary dialogue in an ever changing art world and are prepared to begin their career as an exhibiting artist or continue their exploration in graduate school.