Design Major

The Design major at the Art Academy integrates fine art studio practices and liberal arts experience with contemporary design education. In this major, design is regarded as a process of inquiry that leads to creative solutions for a variety of visual communication problems. We provide each student the intellectual and technical skills needed to achieve success as professionals in the field. Our unique cross-disciplinary approach emphasizes the development of strong research skills, a broad knowledge of image-making tools, proficient verbal and writing skills, and individual voice and vision, which in combination, prepares students to make a difference and make a livelihood as visual artists.

Students in the Design major learn to manage ideas, artistic processes, audience expectations, composition, typography, and imagery to create sophisticated and transformative design solutions. Through professional and personal experiences, students encounter a range of challenges in areas such as brand identity, publication, environmental, product, promotional, interactive and Web design. Many of our graduates go on to work at local, regional, national, and international design studios or in related fields such as architecture, fine arts, exhibit and display, marketing, film, and the entertainment industry.