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Undergraduate Tuition

The Art Academy’s tuition and fees are 18% lower, on average, than the cost of other independent colleges of art and design in this region. The average student covers 63 percent of his or her costs via financial aid. For information, click the Financial Aid office page.


The Art Academy charges a flat tuition rate for full-time undergraduate students (12 to 15 credit hours per semester). Part-time students are charged by the credit.


Undergraduate Fees

2022-23 Housing Fees for Incoming Students:

Housing Costs

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How to Pay Tuition

If you have questions, call Student Billing at 513-562-8752

Two Payment Options:

1. Paying off your entire tuition balance, use this link to Diamond Mind portal:

Pay Off Tuition Balance

2. To make a payment towards your tuition balance, use this link to pay with a Cash Net account:

Make a Payment on Tuition Balance

AAC provides many convenient ways for current students to pay their tuition, fees and other expenses. We accept checks (must be US dollar accounts and drawn on a US financial institution), cash, all major credit cards and money orders (also must be US dollars and backed by a US financial institution). You may mail in your payment, but the preferred method of payment is via one of our two payment portal options (depending on your needs).

If you would like to pay by check, please see Wendy Taylor-Reidy, Office Manager, in the office suite on the 2nd floor.

If a student withdraws from the Art Academy or drops below full-time status (under 12 credit hours), tuition will be credited computed from the date of withdrawal as officially recorded by the Registrar.

Before the end of the first week: 100%
Before the end of the second week: 75%
Before the end of the third week: 50%
Before the end of the fourth week: 25%
After the fourth week: no refund given

Before the end of the first day: 100%
Before the end of the first week: 50%
After first week: No refund given

Only tuition is refunded; fees are nonrefundable. The Finance Office calculates and determines all amounts credited to an account and will return any financial aid, grants, loans and scholarship funds as required by the different programs. An open balance will be due in full immediately.

Students who receive Federal Title IV Financial Aid and do not complete their classes will be responsible for repaying to the Department of Education unearned portions of aid. During the first 60 percent of a semester, a student is entitled to Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of time he or she remains enrolled. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60 percent point earns all aid for the semester. Unearned Title IV funds, other than Federal Work Study, must be returned back to the Federal Student Aid Programs. A Return of Title IV Funds Policy statement is available in the Financial Aid and Finance Offices.

A person who has received an Art Academy degree (BFA, MAAE or AS) and wishes to take a degree program course for credit will pay the current tuition rate per credit hour.

A person who has completed the Certificate Program at the Art Academy and is enrolled in the BFA degree program at the Art Academy will receive a 25% discount on tuition for a degree program course.

A person who wishes to audit a degree program course will receive a 50% discount off the current tuition rate per credit hour. Space availability and the instructor’s approval are required for registration to audit a degree program course.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati will not issue a diploma, transcripts or records, grade reports, statements of recommendation, nor allow future registration to any student whose financial accounts with the Art Academy are not paid in full. All financial accounts must be paid in full prior to the start of classes. A finance charge will be applied to any account with an unpaid balance after the date payments are due and for every month following that the balance is not paid in full. Students with delinquent accounts are referred to a collection agency.