Programs for Schools

Programs for Schools

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Artist & Writer in Residence

Program Description

Artist & Writer in Residence is a 21st Century art and creative writing in-school outreach program for 7th-12th-grade students in Art, Writing, and Foreign Language courses. Thanks to our supporters we offer this innovative and beneficial program for free for all teachers. Registering your classes grant you a partnering Teaching Artist & Writer for 5 sessions, a field trip to the AAC (buses provided), supplies for an innovative and creative project, and a student budget to equip you and your classroom with the tools necessary to make teaching 21st Century skills more accessible.

We work with over 2000 students each school year from all over Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana region. We pride ourselves on leaving a lasting impact on each student's creative confidence, self-expression, and growth in 21st Century skills.

21st Century Skills:
Creativity, Critical Thinking, Media Literacy, Problem-Solving, and Empathy

Visit 1: Introduction to the Artist & Writer in Residence Project
- The AAC teaching Artist & Writer comes to your classroom prepared with an inventive lesson plan that fits the themes and objectives of your course. Students are given a collaborative brainstorm project to spark inspiration, creativity, and critical thinking. They are then introduced to the prompt, objectives, and core lesson plan that they will follow to create their Artist & Writer in Residence project.

Visit 2-3-4: Creation of the Artist & Writer in Residence Project
- In these continued sessions, students will be guided through their discovery, ideation, and creation of their projects. Through media literacy demos students will learn new ways to research, recognize their relationship to technology, and how to use this resource effectively and creatively. By discussing contemporary problem-solving techniques students are encouraged to view and empathize with varying perspectives and examine multiple solutions.

Visit 5: Field Trip to the AAC or Additional Classroom Session for Project Resolution
- The AAC teaching Artist & Writer will guide students through the resolution of their completed projected. As a class, students will come together to learn and practice forms of empathy and beneficial communication. This can take form as a group exhibition, critique, poetry-slam, etc. By regrouping as a class, we analyze what we learned and discuss the next steps to ensure these skills continue to impact our student's education and future.

Sign up today! We are accepting registrations now through the end of the academic year. Register for one, or for all of your classes!

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Additional School Programs

AAC CE creates visual art opportunities not found during the typical school day in the form of in-school or after-school Art Club: SmartArt, Art Foundations, Applied Arts, and Family Art Nights to educators and administrators.

Visits are affordable and open to any Greater Cincinnati classroom grades 1-12!

After School Programming Services:

#1 SmartArt: Art Integration (grades 1-12)
SmartArt academic integrated art curriculum is designed to address visual thinking, enforce academics, visual art fundamentals, the history of art and its masters, and art of various cultures with hands-on art-making, drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, and animation techniques. SmartArt utilizes this multi-disciplinary approach to enhance student learning & tackle curriculum standards to increase engagement with academic subject matter and to provide a deeper understanding of academics. SmartArt programming is offered as an in-class visit or as an After School program.

#2 Art Foundations (grades 1-12)
Award-winning curriculum bursting with a variety of artistic media seldom found in a typical art class, this survey of art fundamentals will keep the interest of experienced and beginner art-makers alike.

#3 Applied Arts (grades 7-12)
The enrichment focused Applied Arts program is designed for high school grades 7-12, and focuses on visual thinking, visual art fundamentals, the history of art and its masters as well as applied visual arts as they integrate with business and commerce today. This program will enlighten and inspire art makers and art lovers, beginners and advanced. Additional focus on portfolio preparation is available for those who wish to get guidance on how to put together a portfolio and continue their visual art education in an institution of higher learning.

#4 Family Art Night
Activities where parents and their children can participate side-by-side in a creative, safe space together aids in parent involvement, family attachment and student achievement. This weekly, monthly or quarterly program provides art-making activities for folks of all ages exploring topics like "diversity", "home", "universal love", and "belonging".

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Art Partner services include:

Schools and educators interested in AAC School Program Services should contact the Community Education Department at or call, 513-562-8748