Commencement Dates

Rehearsal: Wednesday, May 8, 4:10-5:15, 2019

Ceremony: May 11, 2019


2019 Senior Thesis Resource Book

Postcard Template

Postcard Template

Senior Seminar Documents

2019 Thesis Advisors and Readers.pdf

2019 Senior Winter EXPO Schedule

Thursday, January 24th

  • 12:15-12:30 Student check in and packet distribution
  • 12:30-5:00 All meet in commons for instructions and walk around
  • 5:00-5:30 AT faculty set up dinner and separate feedback forms
  • 5:30 Dinner - AT faculty will serve the food!
  • 6:30 Clean up

2019 SENIOR WINTER EXPO rooms.docx

2019 Wilder Dates & Application

Applications Due: Friday, April 19th, 2019 - 5:00pm

*This form will automatically close at the above time, and no submissions will be accepted after that.

Portfolio Display Setup: Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 by 9:00am

*All setup must be finished, and the students must leave the building at 9:00am sharp.

Judging: Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 at 10:00am

*All students will receive their results via a letter in an envelope placed by their printed proposal in their respective portfolio display area. Students will be notified once judging results are finished, and they will be admitted back into the building. Please be respectful of other students who might not have seen their results yet.

SUBMIT Paper / Projects Here

Submit your Final Thesis Paper via: Teams > Senior Seminar 2 > Files > 2019 Final Thesis Paper Submissions

Submit your Arts Proposal via: Teams > Senior Seminar 2 > Files > 2019 Arts Proposal Submissions > example: "baker_proposal2019.pdf"

Submit your Online Portfolio via: Teams > Senior Seminar 2 > Files > 2019 Online Portfolio Submissions > Add your "name & URL" to the "Online Portfolio Links 2019.docx"

**You must give hard copies to your Thesis advisor and committee on the dates listed below.


January 14

Third draft due to Thesis Advisor AND both Thesis Readers for comments. This draft should be complete.

February 25

Submit your Final Thesis Paper via: Teams > Senior Seminar 2 > Files > 2019 Final Thesis Paper Submissions [folder]


March 18 – 22

Audrey Patterson
Harris Wheeler
Tara Miller

Kaitlin Burke
Bethany Lewis
Madison Mumma

March 25 – 29

Brandie Rottiers
Madison Setser
Emily Buck

Kris Dillahunt
Nizza Rodriguez Ortiz
Sam Holloway

April 1 – 5

Sarah Dunagan
Emily Mannira
Cecilia Padilla

Sabrina Pachla
Rhee Lightner
Libby Jansing

April 8 – 12

Alex Schempp
Caitlin Gordon
Dacota Pennycuff

Eliora Kirk
Courtney Wiechman
Michelle McCracken

April 15 –19

Jamie Tullis
Amber Helson
Luke Kalinoski

Natalie Kennedy
Joe DiMario
Skyler Koch

April 22 – 26

Maria Huls
Erin Marvin
Madolyn Kelsey

Nicole McClure
Emily Hecker
Stephanie Westreicher

April 29 – May 3

Andre Wilson
Elias Dean
Aliyah Shoulders

Clayton Hightower
Paul Belisle
Brian Fortney

Senior Seminar Resources

Buy Art/Work on Amazon, apx. $13.50

20 Artist Residencies

People's Liberty grants for all creatives in Cincinnati

AIGA Jobs list

Web Resources.pdf

Photographing Work.pdf

Web Organization

AAC Framing Options.pdf

Gallery / Art bookmarks