Art Academy of Cincinnati's Four Year Tuition Promise

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The majority of colleges increase their tuition and fees every year for their enrolled students.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is the first and only private art college in the country, and one of the few higher education institutions in the state of Ohio, to implement the Four Year Tuition Promise!

College is one of the most important financial investments students and families will make in their lifetime. We want to help make that financial commitment a little easier, by making a commitment of our own.

For all incoming and currently enrolled undergraduate students at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, tuition and fees will not be raised over four academic years.

By freezing tuition and fees, families will be able to plan ahead on their investment, knowing exactly what the fiscal outcome will look like over a four-year span. The renewable entrance scholarships that students receive upon acceptance, will have the same financial impact throughout their college careers at AAC.

We want to instill a sense of transparency in the college process, and grant families and students the stability they deserve while they work towards becoming the future creatives of tomorrow.


Who qualifies for the Four Year Tuition Promise?

All undergraduate students entering the Art Academy of Cincinnati as a first-time student, including transfer students, will receive the Four Year Tuition Promise. Students presently enrolled at AAC will receive the tuition promise set at the tuition rate in the academic year they are currently in.

What does the Four Year Tuition Promise include?

The promise includes all tuition and fees over eight consecutive semesters. The promise does not include parking/housing, books, supplies, or other general costs of attendance outside of the tuition and fees.