Post Secondary Enrollment

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is excited to participate in the  Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) offered by the State of Ohio. The PSEOP was created by the Ohio Legislature to allow high school students in Ohio to enroll in a college or university. 

Option A: allows the student to receive college credit only. All costs associated with enrollment including, but not limited to, Textbooks, materials, parking, tuition and fees are the responsibility of the student.

Option B: allows the student to receive both high school graduation credit and college credit. For public high school students, the college will be paid directly out of the public school's state funds. Non-public students are subsidized by a specific sum of money set aside by the Ohio General Assembly, and funds are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis.  Required textbooks, non-consumable materials, and tuition and fees related to coursework are provided for both public and non-public students.

(Both Option A and Option B students are required to pay orientation fees, and parking fees.)

A high school student must submit the Intent to Participate Form to high school administrators by March 30, 2018 to be eligible for enrollment in PSEOP for the 2018-19 academic year.

Post Secondary Enrollment Questions & Answers PDF

For additional information regarding PSEOP please follow this link

All interested students are encouraged to apply and submit the following admissions requirements to be eligible for participation in the PSEOP at the Art Academy.

 - High school students can submit an application for participation in the 11th and/or 12th grades. The application for admission can be found at this link.

 - The transcript must be mailed directly to the Art Academy by your high school. Applicants must have a minimum 2.75 high school grade-point average 

PORTFOLIO - Your portfolio demonstrates your potential to succeed as an artist in our program. For information about the Art Academy’s Portfolio Prep courses, click here.

The portfolio should contain 8 to 10 pieces of your best original artwork. It is suggested that you consider the following criteria when creating your portfolio:

Portfolios can be uploaded via , in person at an AAC open house or by appointment with an admissions counselor. To schedule an appointment for a personal review call 513-562-8740 or email [email protected].

PERSONAL STATEMENT - Your 500-word personal statement should describe the type of art that interests you, your creative process as an artist, your artistic goals, and what you are looking for in an art school.

 - Your letter of recommendation must be mailed directly from your art teacher or high school counselor to the Art Academy. It should describe your artistic talent, your habits as a student, and your ability to succeed at the college level.

PSEOP Notification

Once accepted, non-public students must bring the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) funding application to the Art Academy to be signed. Completed funding applications must be mailed to the ODE, Office of Finance Program Services and postmarked between May 15 and June 15. Funding is based on a specified amount determined by the Ohio Legislature. Students will be notified by the ODE regarding the approval for funding within three weeks of the June 15 deadline. Students must submit a copy of their ODE funding approval letter to the Art Academy of Cincinnati no later than August 1. In the event that a student does not receive funding, they may choose to enroll under Option A and assume all costs.