Parents & Community

Information for Parents

Artists have to take risks. Parents have to know their kids are making good decisions. The Art Academy covers both bases. We ensure a safe environment in which students can explore without losing their way.

Our program is designed specifically to prepare each student for life as a working artist. You can’t succeed here without laying a solid foundation for professional success.

Art Academy instructors have a strong presence in students’ lives, acting as mentors, role models, and friends. Faculty go out of their way to know students as individuals and help them grow personally as well as artistically.

AAC’s undergraduate curriculum is flexible, challenging, and academically rigorous.

The AAC building and dorms are secure and supervised 24/7.

The Art Academy is affordable. Our tuition and fees are 18 percent lower, on average, than the cost of other independent colleges of art and design in this region.

Our financial-aid counselors are conservative. We’ll help you and your student identify loans that make sense over the long haul. Click here for more information about financial aid.

All freshmen are paired with a faculty advisor to help them make sound academic plans.

We offer tutoring and academic support through the Learning Assistance Center, and we have a counselor on staff to help students work through personal challenges.

At the Art Academy, your child will belong to a supportive community. And as a parent, you’re a crucial part of that community—one of the most important people (maybe the most important) in your young artist’s life.