Admissions Team

We knew you were coming. We can spot potential from a mile away. We're a team of talent scouts, devoted to connecting people to their passions. But above all else, we are here for you. To help you, every step of the way, as you embrace your future at The Art Academy of Cincinnati. Dare to be a creative and begin your journey today. You belong here.

Amanda Parker - Wolery
Director of Marketing & Enrollment

Jack Wirth
Associate Director of Admissions

Tiffany Tran
Senior Admissions Counselor - International Relations

Dani Tellez
Admissions Counselor - Development Coordinator

Sam Herbers
Admissions Counselor- Operations Coordinator

Brevyn Fleming
Admissions Counselor

Kristin Klein
Assistant Director of Enrollment

Our staff is here to help you. To schedule a visit to campus or if you have other questions, please contact the Admissions Office:

Phone: 513-562-8740, Room: S268
Email: [email protected]

Meet Our Team