Matt Hart’s featured at The Academy of American Poets

I’m happy to announce that my poem, “Today A Rainstorm Caught Me” is up today in the Poem-a-Day series at The Academy of American Poets site. I hope you’ll check it out. The post also includes a brief prose description of the way I wrote the poem.

While you’re there, please take a look at the site, which literally has thousands of poems and writing about poetry in its archives. You can also sign up to receive a poem a day, via the Poem-a-Day series, in your email.

Final Friday Senior Winter Expo, Sara Vance Collection

Happy Senior Expo Everyone! The entire Art Academy Community and public will be exploring this massive exhibition of senior work throughout the school. On Final Friday 1/31 for the public reception is from 5pm-8pm with free tours of the expo. At the same time, enjoy the reception for the Sara Vance collection hosted in the Convergys and Pearlman Galleries in addition to work from the Great Oaks High Schools in the Chidlaw Gallery. Creativity is seething from the AAC at all levels!

Matt Hart’s RADIANT ACTION at Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer

AAC Friends,


I’m happy to announce that twenty sections of my long poem sequence “Radiant Action” have just been published at Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer. You can read the selection and hear recordings of me reading it here. The issue also includes prose reviews of the selection by poets Ben Kopel and Jennifer Moore. You can read them here and here.

Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer is a journal that was started late last year by poets Kelin Loe and Leora Fridman. As the title suggests, it’s dedicated to publishing long poems and selections from them, and always includes both recordings of the authors reading the published selection and critical prose on the work written by other scholars and poets.

Please check it out.


AAC Faculty, Matt Hart, Poetry Reading at MOTR Tues. 1/21 7PM

womcinci1Hi Everyone,

I’m reading at MOTR this coming Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7PM. Please see the flyer attached for details, BUT there will be two open mics, so bring your poems. Bring your joy. I will be blasting some “Radiant Action.”

This series, WORD OF MOUTH Cincinnati, hosted by Jim Palmarini and Mark Flanigan, is inspired by the late Aralee Strange, the former Cincinnati writer and artist who passed way in June, 2013. Strange ran readings, produced plays and other performance work during her many years in Cincinnati, before moving to Athens, Georgia in 2007. In Athens, she co-founded Word of Mouth, a popular and successful spoken word series.

Word of Mouth Cincinnati is an intentional arc of both past and future utterance, inspired by our most revered voice, with a nod to her Athens, GA compatriots. Word of Mouth asks poets to Show Up, Mouth Off, and Pay Attention.

I’m honored to be the first featured reader in the Cincinnati version of the series. I hope to see you there.


AAC Alum Mitch Sipus to talk about Art for Impact: Strategies for Social Change

AAC Alumnus, Mitch Sipus will be visiting from Somolia to give a talk and workshop for the AAC Community.  A word from Mitch:

“While a student I was constantly needing to justify the value of my work to others, and I wanted it to have a social impact, but lacked the sufficient skills to do so.  I will tailor the workshop to give some direction and tools to students who have the same combination of ambition and limitation.   It will be relevant to students and/or faculty of any artistic or design discipline.”


As Director of the strategic design firm, Sutika Sipus LLC, Mitchell Sipus is specialized in designing and implementing creative solutions for radical urban transformation.  He has worked in some of the worlds most dangerous and complex environments throughout Asia and Africa. Previous projects have included successfully reducing gang violence in Cairo Egypt, improving housing systems in Kenyan refugee camps, and using graffiti to predict locations of social tension and insecurity in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Mitchell has published field research with Oxford University and the Foreign Policy Association in Washington DC.   He has spoken on his work at Oxford University, the Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has been featured in WIRED magazine.
Mitchell’s personal expertise includes organization theory, informal economies, forced displacement, youth militarization, and cities in conflict. Furthermore he is skilled in areas of social research, geospatial analysis, software development, and multimedia design.