04 Featured Designer: Thea Bergstedt


Thea Bergstedt

BFA Design, 2009

Current Position: Designer at Fahlgren Mortine, Freelance Art Director, Designer & Photographer

As a designer, my days are anything but habitual and expected. On any given day, I could begin designs on a proposal to win a million dollar account for a high-profile health system, while simultaneously working on a new initiative logo for a well-known tourist destination, in addition to art directing a photo shoot for a non-profit campaign that will ultimately save the lives of many. Superhero Designer? Gee, thanks!
I love what I do—both during and after my day job. When I’m not following brand guidelines of current clients at Fahlgren Mortine, I’m pushing my own design boundaries by freelancing. Whether it’s a bride who is looking for a custom invitation suite or a local entrepreneur wanting his own brand identity, I’m open to every opportunity. I also enjoy volunteering my skills by offering pro-bono design work & photography to local events and charities.
The Art Academy of Cincinnati encouraged me to push boundaries and combine my love for art & design. Instead of conforming to strict portfolio school guidelines, the AAC allowed me to become a designer that offers multiple skill sets, not just the ones produced by a computer. I really enjoy using my fine art skills in handmade typography & photography in just about every design piece I create.