Art Academy Scholarships

Awards & Scholarship FAQ

Awards for Incoming First-year Students

AAC scholarships are merit-based awards ranging this past year from $2,500 to $15,000 per academic year.  To be considered for a scholarship, you must
be admitted to AAC.  Your scholarship award will be based on a combination of portfolio and/or academic considerations.

How do we determine your scholarship award?

To determine scholarship award levels, AAC uses a formula that includes:
Portfolio Rating
Grade Point Average
SAT or ACT Score
Points are assigned to each of these three areas within the formula.  The
higher your point total, the larger you can expect your scholarship to be.

What did last year’s incoming AAC class receive in scholarships?

Average scholarship award for the incoming class of 2013 was $11,500 per year
or $46,000 for four years. As long as you maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher,
your scholarship award will remain the same for the four years it takes you
to complete the BFA degree.

Do I need to apply for a scholarship and when is the deadline?

We assume that every student who is admitted to AAC would like to be
considered for a scholarship so you don’t have to apply for it. February 3
is the early scholarship award notification date. After that date,
scholarship award offers are made on an ongoing basis as students are
admitted to the college.

Can I get some feedback on my scholarship chances?

AAC admissions staff will give you feedback along the way on your chances of
receiving a scholarship.  We base this feedback on our review of your
portfolio, GPA, and SAT or ACT score.

After the entrance scholarship, are there any opportunities to increase my
scholarship amount?

While a student at AAC, you are also eligible to compete for Faculty Excellence Awards that are awarded by the faculty at the conclusion of each academic year.

Faculty Excellence Awards are awarded to students after their first year of study and are based on need, talent and academic performance.

Is there any need-based financial aid available?

Once your scholarship award is determined, our Financial Aid Office reviews
your overall financial circumstance to determine if you are eligible for
additional AAC need-based grants.  You must have completed the FAFSA, in
order for our Financial Aid staff to determine your eligibility for AAC
need-based grants.

When will I receive a complete financial assistance award package?

Complete financial assistance award packages that include AAC scholarships
and grants, Federal and State grants, and student loans are offered after
our Financial Aid Office receives your Free Application for Federal Student
Aid (FAFSA) results. These financial assistance award packages usually begin
in late February or early March depending on your FAFSA filing date.

Art Academy Excellence Awards

Continuing scholarships are awarded to students after their first year of study and are based on need, talent and academic performance.