Master of Arts in Art Education

We aren’t just passionate about art education; we’re obsessed by it. Our enthusiasm vibrates through our building. Our desire to create something powerful, to make a difference in the lives of our students, calls out from our studios and echoes through our halls.

This summer, focus on your education. Come study with our collective of die-hard creatives. Our low-residency MAAE Summer Program is designed to accommodate the schedules of working art and design educators. Earn your Master of Arts in Arts Education, 8 weeks at a time, in just 3 Summer breaks. Our studio-centered curriculum includes 18 credits of studio coursework, 9 credits of Art Education Seminar coursework and 6 credits of Art History coursework.

We know that art education isn’t just your job, it’s who you are. We know that art educators who are actively involved in making art, are more engaged teachers. In today’s educational climate, how can we promote and defend the importance of arts education unless we experience it for ourselves? Let’s make something meaningful together.

The Summer 2018 session runs from June 9 through August 1.

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