Guidelines for Incoming Conditional Students

Definition of Conditional Acceptance

The Admissions Committee can conditionally accept students to the BFA program.  This conditional acceptance runs throughout the first semester of enrollment at the Art Academy.  Applicants who meet portfolio requirements can be admitted on a conditional basis if they have a grade point below 2.0, or if they have a score below 400 on any subsection of the SAT or a composite score below 20 on the ACT.  If the conditionally accepted student earns at least a 2.0 in the first semester, the conditional acceptance is lifted. (Student Handbook 2014-2015)

Requirements of Conditional Acceptance

Any student who has been designated as "conditional" is required to adhere to the following guidelines as they pertain to a particular student's special needs:

1. With the acceptance letter, students are notified by the Admissions Committee of their "conditional" status.

2. The student is registered for a reduced load of thirteen and a half (13 1/2) credits during the first semester of enrollment at the Art Academy.  It will be recommended that the student not enroll in Art History I during his/her first semester.  The student and advisor will create a strategy to help the student make up the Art History I course as well as any hours needed to graduate in four-years.  

3. During the summer Prep Session and/or Orientation, the student must have an initial mandatory meeting with both: 

a. Dabby Blatt, the Academy's counselor.  Please provide the counselor with documentation of any special learning needs or accommodations that the student will require on or before this mandatory meeting.  

b. Daniel Todd, the Art Academy's writing tutor. 

4. Additional meetings with the counselor and writing tutor may be recommended based on the student's performance during his/her first semester.

The End Goal of Conditional Acceptance
Students are conditionally accepted because the Art Academy of Cincinnati wants to insure academic success. 

If the student has any questions regarding conditional acceptance or the requirements listed, please contact:
the Admissions Office at (513) 562-8740.